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2020-08-22 12:20:02

新威尼斯人:To the Chinese government, Facebook Inc. isnt a social-media platform, its a channel for Chinese businesses to expand beyond the countrys borders.对于中国政府来说,Facebook Inc.并不是社交媒体平台,而是中国企业在境外扩展的一个渠道。At least that is the implication of a post on the website of Chinas State Council Information Office following a meeting between Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg and the offices head, Cai Mingzhao. The post includes a photo of Ms. Sandberg and Mr. Cai standing next to each other in the formal pose with a Chinese flag drooping in the background--a routine setup usually taken by Chinese officials during all manners of state visits.最少这是中国国务院新闻办公室主任蔡名照与Facebook首席运营宽桑德伯格(Sheryl Sandberg)会面后,新闻办网站上的一条报导所表达的信息。

报导还包括桑德伯格与蔡名照以月的姿势并肩作战车站着的合影,背景中有一面垂着的中国国旗,这是中国官员在所有形式的月采访中一般来说采行的惯例决定。Ms. Sandberg, who declined to speak to media during a book promotion event Tuesday night in Beijing, met with Mr. Cai earlier in the day to discuss Facebooks role helping Chinese enterprises expand abroad, according to the government site. Tantalizingly, the post also says the two discussed other cooperative items, without elaborating.桑德伯格周二晚间在北京的一个新书推展活动中拒绝接受与媒体交流。


新闻办网站上说道,当天早些时候她与蔡名照会面,就Facebook平台对中国企业扩展海外市场的最重要起到展开了探究。令人生气的是,报导还说道两人辩论了其他合作事项,但却没详尽解释。Most likely, the meeting is less about the potential of Facebook to open up in China and more an acknowledgement that the American Internet giants business here increasingly resembles that of Google Inc., which makes the bulk of its money in the country helping Chinese businesses advertise in foreign markets.最有可能的情况是,两人会面辩论的内容与Facebook在华运营的可能性关系不大,更好地是否认这家美国互联网巨头在中国的业务更加像谷歌(Google Inc.)的模式,谷歌在中国的收益大多来自协助中国企业在海外市场展开广告宣传。

Facebook is blocked in China, and amid a deep freeze on political commentary by online posters, it looks highly unlikely that the site will open any time soon. Instead, Ms. Sandbergs meeting shows that for U.S. tech companies, the rise of the Chinese economy--and in turn Chinese companies--means the country is now an increasingly important source of advertising dollars.Facebook在中国被屏蔽,由于对网络用户政治性言论的深度封锁,该网站近期在中国对外开放的可能性较小。忽略,桑德伯格与蔡名照的会面表明出有,对于美国科技公司来说,中国经济以及中国公司的兴起意味著中国现在日益沦为广告收益的最重要来源。That means for Ms. Sandberg and Facebook, even as they have been stiff-armed from the worlds largest pool of Internet users, its important to wear a smile and lean in to the Chinese market.这意味著对桑德伯格和Facebook来说,在他们被推开在世界仅次于的互联网用户群体之外的同时,最重要的是面带笑容、主动相似中国市场。。